Prose Hair

After an unusually long winter, the summer heat is back on Maui! The island is undergoing transition with warmer weather, wind, and Hawaii Vog. With these changes, I noticed my hair had become unmanageable and lifeless. I was constantly putting it up and damaging my hair further. 

I came across Prose hair care products, which are all custom tailored for your hair. Hearing about how their products are not only personalized, but always free of sulfates, paraben's, gmo's and cruelty free, I knew I had to try them!

They start you off with a consultation process, where they ask about your ultimate hair goals, diet, and your geographic location so that they can custom make their products to match you exactly! I then was able to choose my preffered scent, they also make it fragrance free! 

With the consultation process complete, I couldn't wait to receive my products!

Once I received my custom Prose Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask their gorgeous and clean aesthetic alone would have sold me, packaging is everything right?! They even included an overview leaflet with my hair care goals and ingredients for my custom products. When I opened up the package, I couldn't wait to wash my hair! Now after a few weeks of using my custom Prose products, my hair has life again! My damaged hair now feels stronger, the shine is back and is smoother than ever! 

I am so in love with the Prose personalized approach, their packaging, and ingredients, that I am already thinking ahead for Christmas gifts! :)


Kimberly WarkComment